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Ductile and Gray Iron Castings

Ductile and Gray Iron Castings

Gartland Foundry produces a wide variety of ductile and gray iron products for customers.

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Excellent Facilities

Excellent Facilities

Gartland prepares the sand, melts the iron and finishes the casting in a 100,000-square-foot facility which has been constantly upgraded to provide only the best in casting services.

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Environmentally Responsive

Environmentally Responsive

As a concerned corporate neighbor, Gartland continues to be totally committed to meeting or exceeding all air, water and waste regulations.

Gartland Foundry - Manufacturers of Gray and Ductile Iron

Gartland Foundry

Gartland Foundry Manufactures Gray and Ductile Iron Products. Our Customer Service is the Priority and We Focus on Quality and Timely Product Delivery. Gartland Foundry is ISO 9001:2008 Certified.
Converting Molten Metal to Customers’ Products.

Latest News

Department of Labor Awards Gartland Foundry Safety and Health Award

The Indiana Department of Labor awarded the Indiana Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (INSHARP) certification to Gartland Foundry for t

Department of Defense Recognizes Gartland Foundry as Patriotic Employer

Gartland Foundry was recognized as a Patriotic Employer for its employment practices of National Guard and Reserve personnel. Gartland Foundry is honor



  • Melting Gray & Ductile Iron
  • Molding & Auxiliary Equipment
  • Core Room
  • Cleaning Room
  • Heat Treating
  • Paint Room
  • Finishing and Machining
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Engineering & Technology


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Location & Contacts

Gartland Foundry is located in Terre Haute, Indiana, in the center of Mid-America, with quick delivery to major cities.

To learn more about what Gartland Foundry can do for your next project or to obtain a quote, please contact: Bill Grimes, the President.


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Gartland Foundry
330 Grant Street
Terre Haute, Indiana 47802 USA

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Phone: 812.232.0226
Business Hours: 8am - 5pm EST