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What is a Foundry?With the turn of the century, all traditional crafts and trades began to be shaken and affected by advances in technology and the sciences, including gray iron foundries. As the pace of living became quicker and distances shorter, tolerances and specifications became tighter, requiring more scientific measurements and controls than industry had demanded up to that time. Mass production and interchangeable parts imposed yet more rigid allowances for variations and most traditional methods were discarded in the haste to keep up with progress.

This is the history of Gartland Foundry as well as a summation of the industrial evolution of the United States. The basic policy at Gartland Foundry has always been to deliver the finest castings, at the fairest price, by the best means available. Over the past 100 years, those guiding precepts have initiated some sweeping changes in equipment and processes; mature techniques and formulas. Through intelligent guidance and the wisdom to stick with what it did best, Gartland Foundry has established a record of consistency and a reputation for dependability that is understandably envied throughout the gray iron industry.

Gartland Foundry

Gartland's Second Century of Operation

Gartland is in its second century of continuous operation. Gartland was founded in 1902, on its present sight, by Peter V. Gartland. At one time in the early 1900's, there were over 30 Gartland family foundries (with Gartland and other names involved) begun by Peter and his brothers throughout the Midwest.

Peter operated the Terre Haute Gartland Foundry until his death in 1937. His wife, Delight, continued the management of the foundry until 1951, when her daughter Betty's husband, William M. Grimes, took over the day-to-day running of the Company.

Grimes took the Foundry into new markets and positioned it to be one the leading job shop foundries in the country. The Gartland Foundry has long been known as the leader in highly machinable castings with short lead times and tremendous on-time delivery capabilities.

The Foundry is currently managed by the third generation of Gartland-Grimes family members. William G. and David Grimes, sons of Betty and William M., are currently the President and Vice-President of this 100-year-old organization. The commitment to quality castings delivered in a quick, efficient manner is still the cornerstone of this foundry's profile.

In the last 15 years, Gartland Foundry has invested strongly in its melt, sand and molding equipment to position itself in a tough global marketplace.

One hundred years of strong financial stability and dedicated service to its blue chip customer base, Gartland should be your "FOUNDRY OF CHOICE".

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