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Capital Projects from Gartland Foundry


Gartland Foundry invests in capital projects to produce the best castings and services in the most efficient and timely manner possible to provide our customers excellent products and services.


  • Major update to Enterprise Resource Planning software, including production scheduling, real-time order status and shop floor data collection


  • Installed new Blaster and Spin Track


  • Installed Instron Tensile Measurement and Testing EquipmentEmergency Backup Generator - Click to enlarge
  • Installed Baldor Electric Generator for emergency backup power generation to operations
  • Upgraded Sand Control, Measurement and Monitoring System

Prior Capital Projects

  • Added a new 20x24 Sinto Automatic Molder and Truflo Mold Handling Line
  • Installed new Brinell hardness testing equipment with fully automated measurement devices
  • Installed state of the art thermal analysis equipment for superior control of our base iron chemistries at the furnace
  • Upgraded automatic and roto-lift molding equipment
  • New material handling conveyor for large castings
  • Refurbished furnaces to ensure continuous operational capacity
  • New hydraulic gate breaker to increase productivity for processing ductile products
  • Facility improvements for operations and material flow
  • Completely renovated finishing department
  • Addition of 3200 sq ft finished goods warehouse and 3 new shipping/receiving truck docks
  • Core room modernization
  • Two new Gaylord cold box machines installed with OMCO mixer and new Gaylord amine scrubber installed
  • Didion MD 80 Rotary Shakeout Drum installed to reduce casting cleaning time
  • Complete green sand system installed with Hartley automatic controls and distribution conveyors
  • Two new Inductotherm induction melt furnaces with state of the art controls and charging accessories

Gartland Foundry ISO Certificate - Click to Download PDF File


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